The rental of palm trees is an exclusive offer from for business customer. Our easy system allows you to rent palm trees at low, all-inclusive rates for one day or up to 2 months.


We deliver our palm trees to locations in Berlin and Brandenburg for a flat rate of 14 € (including set-up and pick-up) per delivery. Upon request, we will calculate the least expensive options for delivery to other regions.


You may also pick up your palm tree yourself. For this you will need a small trailer, van or pickup truck with at least a 2.05 meter cargo bed. We carefully pack our palm trees so that you can easily transport the separated palm leaves and the stalks, which are no longer than 2 meters. Once you've reached your destination, all you have to do is plant the stalk in a pot and drape the palm leaves. To aid in the trouble-free set-up of your palm tree, you will receive professional instructions and advice from our staff at the time of purchase.


Take advantage of our exclusive offer. You can order your rental palm tree by just calling or mail us.


Rental prices for preserved real-leaf palm trees


  1 Day 3 days 1 week 4 weeks
Phoenix palm 1.60m 39,- €* 44,- €* 49,- €* 59,- €*
Areca palm 2.50m 39,- €* 59,- €* 79,- €* 119,- €*
Areca palm 3.00m 49,- €* 69,- €* 89,- €* 129,- €*
Areca palm 3.50m 89,- €* 99,- €* 119,- €* 149,- €*
Areca palm 4.00m 119,- €* 149,- €* 169,- €* 199,- €*

* plus 19% sales tax (VAT)