The individual components of naturally grown areca palms are cultivated in our Berlin production plant. The final refining steps are always done by hand. It is important to us that each palm tree be optically unique and that it majestically and timelessly beautify its surroundings. Palm leaves of lesser quality are often already brown or limp and coconut fibers can become gray through too much UV light; we make sure that such components do not make it into our palm trees. We carefully choose natural elements for our products and try to avoid introducing impurities in our work - only our coconut bark stalks have an unseen plastic core. We produce the palm trees in several standard sizes of approx. 2.5 meters, 3.0 meters, 3.5 meters and 4.0 meters.


Please let us know if you have special requests, such as twin palms, islands and other special decoration ideas.


We're happy to advise you and always try to satisfy your individual needs and requests !