Washingtonia Palm Leaves

As of late, we also have palm leaves from Washingtonia Robusta in stock. They are also known as "fan palm".


Our customers asked for these preserved special Washingtonia palm branches for decorating Bar roofs, walls, catering buffets, stages, stalls and living rooms.


These palm fronds are easy to clean, even wet. Because of our approved preserving method they are awarded with a high durability without loosing their natural look. It's possible to use the leaves in outdoor areas, but rain, snow and harsh windings can harm them and will result in a reduction of their durability.


The palm leave have a diameter approx. 60cm, the stalk a length of approx. 60-70cm. The whole leave including stalk has a length of approx. 1,0-1,2 meter.


Due to shipping condtitions the minimum order quantity is 5 pieces.



price per item*: 7,90 €

*incl. 19% sales tax (VAT)