Palm Leaves

Our specially preserved palm leaves are the basic building blocks of our palm trees.


They have become a favorite way of decorating the roofs of bars, empty walls, catered buffets, stage sets, convention projects and living areas.


At you can order palm leaves in the magnificent lengths of approx. 1.20 meters!



Approx. 35 palm fronds are needed for the crown of a Areca palm tree.

Approx. 22 palm fronds are needed for the crown of a Phoenix palm tree.


Minimum order: 10 palm fronds, ask for the best shipping way.


quantityper item*
10 leaves or more 2.77 €
100 leaves or more 2.66 €
300 leaves or more 2.54 €
500 leaves or more 2.42 €
999 leaves or more 2.31 €

*incl. 19% sales tax (VAT)








New in Stock: Washingtonia Palm Leaves

Our customers asked for this new item: the Washingtonia Palm Leave. It's preserved and has natural looking like our other palm fronds.

This huge palm leave from the Washingtonia Robusta is excellent for all of your decoration purposes.


Click here for more infos about the Washingtoni palm leave