Palmroof-panels made of conserved palmleaves

Our newest in-house development only was created because our customers asked for it and gave us tipps.

Since a short time we are producing palmroofs, rather palmroof-panels made of our conserved palmleaves. They are in natural yellow-brown with UV-protection.



The palmroofs are 1,20 meters wide, ca. 60 cm high and are made of the single fingers of our palmleaves in our well-known quality.

Like our other products the palmroofs are not artificial. They are dried and conserved in an elaborated process with natural essences so they get an origin, natural look.




The long single leaves, colored in natural yellow-brown, were uncut from the palm-branch than stitched close to each others on a fabric-panel. The fabric is invisible from the front.

The becoming palmroof-mat is flexibel enough to be coiled up. It's easy to handle and can be fixed on the ground by stitching or with nails.




Our Palmroofs are pretty for many decoration-ideas and spending a tropical flair to your bars, stages, roofs and so on.

Indoor the mats will be very long-living. Outdoor their durability depends on the wind force and the modality of their fixing. Mostly they will be stable for some years.

The impragnation of the roofs is antistatic against dust and dirt and effective against UV-rays.



The color of our palmroofs is a natural weathered, sun-bleached yellow-brown. With our roofs an incommensurable tropical flair will be achieved which not compares with other solutions.

With that palmroofs every bar will look like matured for years under tropical sun.

The roofs are hardly inflammable. Only the backside-fabric have to be impregnated with fire-preventing-spray to become fire resistant if there will be any obligations for assembly rooms. The spray you can order also at our side.


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