Mini Palm Leaves for your Dekoration

Often we were asked about further decoration ideas for palms and other stuff.

For this reason we have now included mini palm leaves of the species washingtonia in our assortment.


These mini palm leaves are origin natural products like all others of our plants and palmleaves. We dry and conservate them in a special process with natural essences to make them durable against weathering and rotting. Like our other products they are nontoxic.


They are approx. 40-50 cm high and the leaf has a diameter of approx. 25-30 cm.


These hard, kind of woody palmleaves are optimal for flower arrangements, table decorations and many other of your own ideas.


The minimal order is 10 palmleaves.


quantityper item*
10 Leaves 1,00 €

*incl. 19% sales tax (VAT)


If u want more than 1000 pieces please tell us before. In this case we also will be very glad to offer you personal sales discounts.