Terms and Conditions

§ 1 Validity

1.1 The version of our terms and conditions valid at the time of order placement exclusively applies to all business relations between Global-Village and the ordering party. All conditions deviating from our terms and conditions must be agreed upon explicitly and in writing!


1.2 General legal regulations in their respective current forms, especially those contained in consumer protection laws following the remote-selling law, serve as subsidiary supplements to the terms and conditions of Global-Village. Other conditions are not part of the contractual agreement, even if Global-Village does not explicitly disagree.


§ 2 Offer

2.1 All of our offers are unrestricted and non-binding. We reserve the right for our products to technically and creatively deviate from descriptions and statements in pamphlets, catalogs and other written material including design and construction changes resulting from technical advancements.


2.2 It will be noted that delivered goods may not necessarily correspond to the images of said goods. We make every effort to reproduce the colors of our advertised products as true to reality as possible. The colors you see are however dependent upon your computer screen and/or the image development. For this reason we cannot assume liability for the way the colors are represented.


2.3 Original images corresponding to an offer lose their validity when the product or its portrayal online is removed or changed.


§ 3 Contractual Agreement

3.1 A contract between Global-Village and the ordering party results when the ordering party places an order and Global-Village accepts said order. An order is placed by submitting the completed order form. Global-Village accepts the order by sending to the buyer an order confirmation by e-mail, fax or postal mail.


3.2 Liability as defined by the German Civil Code transfers to the buyer/renter as soon as the goods have left the sender's base location.


§ 4 Delivery

4.1 Delivery is made to the address provided by the buyer within the quoted time period of delivery/service and includes assembly instructions written in German.


4.2 In the event that we cannot keep our quoted delivery time, we will immediately inform you and suggest a new time. In the event that we do not have the goods you ordered in stock, we will make this known to you right away. We reserve the right in this case to dissolve the contract and to not deliver the ordered goods due to unavailability. If you have already paid for the goods, we will reimburse you immediately.


4.3 Labor disputes, natural disasters, disturbances in production and other unforeseen events beyond our control release Global-Village from its delivery obligations and allow us to make new delivery arrangements, including a new timeframe. Defects or shortcomings covered under our guarantee will be remedied at Global-Village's discretion either by repair or replacement.

4.4 Damages covered under guarantee will be remedied at Global-Village's discretion either by repair or replacement. Cancellation of orders or discounts are amicably excluded.


§ 5 Return Policy

5.1 In the case of justified complaints, the customer has the right to return ordered goods and be refunded for the purchase or rental within fourteen days of receipt of the goods. In this case, the goods should be returned to Global-Village without delay.


5.2 Goods made to customer specifications or individual customer requirements or already used products may not be returned.


5.3 Apart from the above terms, according to section 5 of the German Consumer Protection Law, the customer has the right to withdraw from his remotely entered contractual agreement within seven workdays. This seven-day period begins at the time of the customer's receipt of the goods. Saturdays do not count as workdays. It is sufficient if the statement of withdrawal is posted within this seven-day period.


§ 6 Terms of Payment and Delivery Costs

6.1 All prices are final and in Euros, not including the respective value added tax. The prices valid at the time of order apply.


6.2 The payable sum for purchase/rental is due at the time of delivery. In the case of credit card payment, payment information will be sent to the credit instittion at the time of delivery.


6.3 Payments are to be made in full to the account printed on the invoice.


6.4 In the case of payment delays on the part of the customer, interest will be charged at a rate of 7%.


6.5 The adherence to the agreed-upon payment deadline is an essential condition for the delivery and fulfillment of services by Global-Village. In the case of delayed payment, Global-Village has the right to charge the customer for all resulting fees and costs in conjunction with the necessary hiring of any collection agencies and legal services as well as to charge for normally resulting bank interests and the recalculation of any granted discounts.


6.6 The prices quoted on the internet sites of Global-Village/Palmen24.de are valid only after an order confirmation has been sent by Global-Village.


§ 7 Delivery Quantities

7.1 Our goods are intended for the end user only and are not for resale. We therefore reserve the right to deliver goods in project-specific amounts. If applicable, we will inform you of any measures.


§ 8 Reservation of Proprietary Rights

8.1 Goods remain our property until the payment has been made in full.


§ 9 Guarantee and Liability

9.1 Our goods are under guarantee for a period of six months beginning at the time of delivery. Evident defects must be reported in writing within at the most two weeks of receipt. If the guarantee applies, Global-Village may choose whether to repair the defect, to replace the product or to refund the purchase price. If the repair or the replacement fails, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contractual agreement or to demand a discount.


9.2 Unless the damages were caused by Global-Village or its agent through either deliberate action or gross negligence, any further claims on the part of the ordering party, particularly claims for compensation of damages, are excluded.


9.3 We do not take any responsibility for damages caused by operational disturbances, server disturbances or server failure/unavailability that are beyond the control of Global-Village.


9.4 Current technology does not guarantee that either data processing equipment or computer software operate error-free. Global-Village cannot ensure that the online shop will consistently run without error. We therefore take no responsibility for losses based upon technical problems that may have interfered with the sending of customer data and order requests that are not received by Global-Village.


§ 10 Privacy Protection

10.1 Personal data required to process the contractual agreement is provided by the ordering party. The use of these data is in accordance with the conditions of privacy protection laws. We treat your personal data confidentially. They are saved in the course of the business transaction. Insofar as necessary, they will be passed on to firms involved in the business transaction. This is also valid for the purpose of credit checks. Aside from this, the data will not be passed on to third parties not affiliated with Global-Village, and Global-Village commits itself to protect its customers' data from every form of unlawful access.


§11 Jurisdiction

11.1 In the case of disputes arising from this contractual agreement, the Berlin court responsible for this type of jurisdiction will be the agreed-upon court.


§ 12 Final Clause

12.1 Should one or more of the rules of these terms and conditions be invalid, the validity of all other rules will remain unchanged. The invalid rule will be replaced by the applicable legal regulation.


12.2 Unless otherwise stipulated, all changes and additions relating to this contractual agreement must be made in writing and must be expressly approved by all contractual partners before becoming valid. Verbal agreements have no validity.